This page lists current activities and projects.

We finally published a book:
Pedagogical Patterns: Advice for Educators
Pedagogical Pattern Editorial Board:

Joseph Bergin, Jutta Eckstein, Markus Völter, Marianna Sipos, Eugene Wallingford, Klaus Marquardt, Jane Chandler, Helen Sharp, Mary Lynn Manns (Eds.)

Published by Joseph Bergin Software Tools, 2012
epub for Kindle, IPad and now as well in print!

Teaching from Different Perspectives
This collection focuses on teaching from a wider perspective.
Download PDF here.

Active Learning
This collection focuses on engaging the students and keeping them active.
Download PDF here.

Feedback Patterns
This collection focuses on providing and obtaining feedback.
Download PDF here.

Patterns for Experiential Learning
This collection focuses on experiential learning. They focus on what is needed to learn by experimentation and by drawing on the studentsí own experiences.
Download PDF here.

Patterns for Gaining Different Perspectives
Patterns for Gaining Different Perspectives: This collection consists of patterns that deal with the diversity of instructional techniques. Different leraners learn differently, and so the effective instructor must be able to help students encounter material in different ways.
Download PDF here.

PPP Buttons
by Joe
To gain more publicity and to "out" ourselves as PPP participants, Joe is currently designing buttons.
Some examples are available. Please give feedback to directly Joe.

Rewriting of legacy pedagogical patterns
by almost all...
There are quite a lot of pedagogical pattern of which we feel they should be rewritten to find out the real, essential content. Our goal is to rewrite some of them and create a pattern language for submission at the next EuroPLoP conference.
As a result of this work, we have submitted papers to the EuroPLoP and the PLoP conferences.

New website at
by Jutta
We are still working on this new website. Feedback is welcome.

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